Bad Website Navigation

We probably all know that website navigation is important if you want to have an effective website, but you may not realize that bad website navigation techniques could impact your conversion and your brand's image.

The Basics of Website Navigation

If you invest time and money to build a website with great content and features to draw customers in, you want to make sure they can find that content. Navigation makes that possible by linking the home page to each page and each page to other relevant ones.

This is its basic, primary function, and one that you should definitely ensure is working correctly.

But there's more to website navigation. How clear, functional, and uncomplicated your website navigation is influences the usability of your site and may cause emotional responses in your viewers.

Navigation and Bounce Rates

Bad website navigation could impact conversions and trust

Customers are busy, and there is a lot of competition out there. If your potential customer can't find the information or product they want quickly because of website navigation mistakes, their mind might start to wander toward one of your competitors. "Hey, maybe so and so has this..."

Make sure your website navigation menus and links are easy to find and understand. You'll also want to ensure all the links actually work. It's wise to get people to "test drive" your website to ensure everything functions, the design is clear, and that these points are true on all major browsers and devices. We think we've checked a website thoroughly but we miss things, need a different viewpoint, or can't try it on all devices.

Navigation and its Role in Building Trust

Navigation = Professionalism

First off, the potential customer needs to trust you to deliver whatever it is they're coming for. They buy products or request services expecting results. They also visit your site expecting to find the information they seek or to complete an action, such as getting a quote or ordering a product.

If they try to click one of the links in your navigation and it doesn't work, they start wondering what else about your operations don't work well.

Navigation = transparency

All brands need to seem transparent to some extent, but transparency and sincerity are crucial for some. It is not uncommon to find websites with a service page or blurb about a service that sounds great but tells you to click another link for more information. You may realize they didn't really provide much actual information or answer any of your questions. When you click the link they provide, you may or may not find your answers. This degrades their transparency, as well as making for a frustrating experience that may run you off.

It's a seemingly unimportant point, but the more important transparency and sincerity are in your industry and the less time your customers want to spend on your site, the more important little things like this are.

Replace bad website navigation with good for increased trust and conversions

Imagine a customer finding your site in a search, being impressed by their first glimpse of your homepage, immediately finding a box, link, or menu to address their needs, realizing you are the ideal business for their needs, and buying your product or requesting your service. This person will see you as the trustworthy and efficient problem-solver they need.

Contact me to evaluate your website navigation for navigation mistakes, improve bad website navigation, or write informative content that will give viewers more satisfaction.

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