A Big List of Helpful Mental Health Links

When you're looking for help, but you aren't sure what to do next or what you need, this big list of mental health links might have the answer.

I'll be updating it as I find more, so bookmark it and check it sometimes.

A Mailing List

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Online Community

7 Cups online therapy and community gives you a free place to talk to peers and trained listeners as well as an opportunity to get paid therapy with a professional.

A big list of mental health links


How to Meditate

This is a very helpful post to address all the questions and obstacles that might come up when you consider meditation.


Verywell Mind has done a thorough review and ranked the best mental health apps for 2021 here.

JoyScore app

The JoyScore app helps you plan more self-care into your life to increase your joy.

Manifest Anything

This is an app I found on Google Play that helps you build a habit of and to time your manifestation. You can find others here too- https://subconsciousservant.com/law-of-attraction-apps/

My Dreams self-improvement app

The My Dreams app provides helpful tips and motivation to set and reach goals. It doesn't matter what your dreams are or how defined they are. Open the app and get started.


If you have questions about using crisis hotlines, these links might help.

What to expect when calling a mental health hotline

Answers to questions about crisis hotlines

The hotlines themselves:

American crisis hotlines for everything

Suicide hotlines all over the world


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