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Full-spectrum is the most common type of CBD oil product available because the entourage effect of all of the components of the hemp plant are generally thought to be most effective. But some people want broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products that don’t contain any THC. This can be a personal preference, to avoid THC showing up in a drug test, or because broad-spectrum or CBD isolate actually work better for them. It’s not as easy to find these other THC-free CBD oil products, but this post will get you started.

The Difference Between Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate Products

If you already know this, feel free to skip ahead.

Broad spectrum has been more minimally refined, retaining most of the components of the hemp plant, the other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, while removing the THC. This is as close to full-spectrum as you can get without the downsides of THC.

CBD isolate is just the cannabidiol, the cannabinoid that has inspired “CBD’s” popularity. It provides the health benefits hemp and marijuana are known for without the downsides of THC. THC provides most of these same benefits, but with shorter term benefits and psychoactive effects. Some people prefer knowing that they are only ingesting the one isolated cannabinoid or find that it is actually more helpful to them than the other options available.

A Note About Concentrates

When brands list concentrates on their websites, it can be very easy to get confused and accidentally purchase the wrong isolate. Make sure it says CBD for cannabidiol. CBG and CBN are also commonly sold, and while they are a perfectly fine cannabinoid that comes out of the hemp plant and are also THC-free, you won’t be purchasing what you think you are.

CBD Isolate Products

At the time of writing, CBD brands are offering the following CBD isolate products.


Powders are more affordable and versatile, and people often buy them to make their own CBD products to use personally or to sell.

Crescent Canna

Plain Jane


Extract Labs

Mile High’s Finest

Fresh Bros


Oils are the most commonly thought of CBD products, so of course, people would like to find THC-free versions such as CBD isolate.

Kat’s Naturals sells a CBD isolate and two CBD isolates with a little CBDA in them. CBDA may reduce inflammation, boost serotonin, alleviate pain and nausea, and more.

Kanibi sells an oil tincture made from CBD isolate.

Product Variety

The following brands offer a selection of CBD isolate products.

Bluebird Botanicals sells an oil and powders.

Lazarus Naturals offers oil, powder, and fruit tarts.

At CBDistillery, you can purchase topicals, powders, and soft gels.

LiftMode Hemp offers powders and gummies.

More Options

There are surely more brands selling CBD isolate products, but this should give you a great starting place. If you didn’t find anything you like, you could try broad spectrum CBD oil, if you’re just looking for a THC-free CBD oil.

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