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Heard about dating by MBTI types and wondering if MBTI dating is right for you? I can't tell you for sure, but I can give you some points to consider.

What People Say About MBTI Types

Depending on how much you already know about the Myers-Briggs Personality Types, you may have run into this already. MBTI types are very controversial. Some people are all about their types and then scientists and skeptics are raining on their parade saying it's not valid. I fall somewhere in the middle.

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I understand the arguments that these types aren't the gospel and shouldn't be relied on for hiring purposes and such. They aren't an exact science.

But the fact that people relate to their types so strongly means that you can tell a lot about the people who are into it. If someone is excited about their MBTI type, then they feel it does really represent them. So, if you get into MBTI dating, you'll discover two things about potential dates: that you already have something in common (a love of MBTI types) and most importantly, a lot more about their personality than you'll discover on most dating sites. Not because a type said it was true, but because the person said it is how they feel about themselves.

My Personal Experience with MBTI Dating

Yes, I am writing this blog post because I tried MBTI dating. I was trying out a bunch of free dating sites and apps, and I ran into an advertisement for the Birdy MTBI dating app. I was intrigued, because it was focused on personality and that was what I was so hungry for after being on other dating sites. I couldn't get that app. I think it's only for iPhones. I looked to see if there were other sites like that, and I found So Syncd.

Like most dating sites, at least half of the men on there try to get by with only putting pictures of themselves up there. So, you have their MBTI type and a photo or several to go on. Guess that's still better than just photos. I had issues using one of the features on the app, I remember. I had to kind of fuss with it. Those are the only downsides.

The app balanced a good amount of investment in things to do to represent yourself without being at all labor-intensive like some of the ones I've tried. You could write meaningful blurbs about yourself on your profile and answer some questions, but it wasn't at all complicated. The men who talked about themselves were more interesting than your average dating site pickings. And of course, it's free.

The most wonderful, and most important thing, is who I found. I was up there maybe 2-4 months? I wasn't counting.

I'm going to take a little detour to explain something about me and dating sites, or dating in person: I pay a lot of attention to someone's personality in their face. Basically, I often rule men out or pay extra attention to ones based on how warm they look. Not literally.

Well, a man reached out to me on So Syncd, and he sounded interesting (having written a thorough but not too thorough profile), was an MTBI type that was a good match for me, and he had the warm thing down. So, I reached out too. We've been dating now for 8 months and are about to move in together, and he's exactly what I wanted. In fact, he's so many things I wanted that I never would have dreamed I could have found them all in one person.

So, while I can't offer any guarantees. I would definitely say you should give MBTI dating a shot. And try So Syncd. It's free and easy, so you have nothing to lose.

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