Blog posts complement your website content,  providing a consistent stream of useful information for readers to enjoy and search engines to discover.

They can discover this content in search results when trying to educate themselves, find the content while exploring your website, or maintain a relationship with your business through blog posts shared on your social media accounts.

I focus on readability, keeping pargraphs short and on point.

My blog posts are also formatted for readers to easily discover what the post is about and where to find information they are looking for in it. This means that if they opened the post to answer a particular question, they can find the answer to the question under a helpful header. They might even want to save and return to your post later, and they'll appreciate the time they can save going right to what they want.

Headers provide the additional benefit of boosting SEO, helping your post rank in search results.

I'll supply you with informative and engaging blog posts.

I am a stickler for research and accuracy. For a piece I was writing, I once scoured the internet trying to figure out why Bluehost seemed to have two founding dates. This was a tiny detail, but it bugged me so I kept searching until I answered it.

I try to put myself in the readers' shoes. What will they want to know? I want to make sure that information can be found in the post I write for you.

It is important to me that the posts you receive provide useful information to your readers, not just improve your search engine results. If they find the post useful, they will associate that helpfulness with your business, building trust and making the first sale and repeat sales more likely.

I can write posts or run the entire blog, depending on your needs. This can include writing posts based on detailed topics and guidelines given by you and then you or your staff adding them to the site, me planning topics and adding the posts to the site and managing comments, and any combination of the two.

Contact me for one or on-going blog posts that are engaging, informative, and search engine optimized.

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