Have questions about my freelance writing services? I hope this page will provide the answers.


Do I really need a professional writer?

If you have any confidence in your writing ability, you can probably supply some tolerable content for yourself,  but there is more to your online presence than that.

Hiring a professional freelance writer offers you:

  • a professional image that makes your business appear more reliable
  • engaging and motivating content that inspires clicks/calls/emails
  • higher search engine rankings
  • content that visitors are likely to actually read, formatted for easy reading and optimum information absorption
  • more time to spend time creating business strategies

Can you guarantee first place in a Google search?

No, it is not possible for any writer or SEO expert to guarantee a specific placement in search results. An SEO expert will use many techniques in the content and the technical aspects of the website to give you the best opportunity for a high rank, but the nature of seach engine rankings do not allow for a guarantee.

A FAQ questions page to help you understand my services better.

Do I need to hire someone to help with my SEO?

If you want to learn how to do SEO yourself and you are satisfied with the results you receive, you can do it yourself. Do be aware that search engine rankings are how potential customers will find your website, so time wasted not doing it correctly could greatly impact your sales. Also, you will need to continue educating yourself on changes in SEO techniques as search engine requirements don't remain the same.

 Is SEO optimized content enough for a high ranking?

No. The content is key, because search engines need to be able to see useful content exists on your website, but there are many other aspects to SEO that happen on the technical side of the website.

Keywords need to appear in the alt tags of images as well as page urls, meta descriptions, and titles. Your content management system may also have SEO features for you to employ. The website needs to have a site map and a fast loading speed for search engines to read it and prioritize it.

Do you do social media content?

I have and I will, but it's not my speciality so I don't like to advertise. If I do work on your social media, I'll consider your competition and target market and plan posts that are either useful, engaging, or both. Results will be organic. I don't believe in purchasing followers.

Do I need a FAQ page?

I highly recommend FAQ pages. They're a great way to eliminate gaps that might keep the customer from feeling sold as well as a way to help customers answer questions for themselves without having to wait for a response from you.

Do I pay upfront for copywriting services?

We can do that, or we could have a half upfront and half on completion arrangement.

If you would feel more comfortable having a third-party involved, we can always work through Upwork.

What is your policy on editing?

I try to go over the work at least twice before sending it to my clients. I say at least because sometimes I do edits while I'm working on the content. Depending on the type of content, I will review it with a spell and grammar checker and then use the Auto Read feature in Word to hear the content "spoken."

Can I try out your services?

Sure. It's a great way to see how we work together with minimal risk. We could do one page, one post, a handful of product descriptions, whatever. We can work it out for your individual project.

What happens if I don't like your work?

First, I will be happy to provide one major revision and one minor revision for free. If that won't fix the problem, I will reduce the fee to half price.

If the revision is needed because of a complete change of plan, such as requesting one voice for the work and then deciding another would be better, I will have to charge for additional work. Perhaps a discount could be arranged.

If we go through Upwork, they will refund all of your money or release your responsibility to pay if it can be proven that I did not do the work I was asked to do.

I provide samples on this website and on Upwork, so you can see if my style is right for your needs.

Contact me if you have more questions or if you're ready to ask about your project.


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