I want to start focusing on providing services as a mental health writer because this topic has always been important to me and it has been such a crucial benefit to me this last year. The more I learn about bettering myself, the more I want to share this empowerment with others, and if that's the focus of your business or organization, I want to help you succeed.

A mental-health writer:

  • already knows wellness and mental health concepts, reducing or eliminating research time
  • understands the needs of your target audience
  • uses copywriting techniques to make your ideas more impactful and successful
  • relates to your passion to help others

What I Offer as a Mental Health Writer

I am currently back in college to pursue a psychology degree.

Over the years, I have worked for a variety of clients whose brands had a focus on empowering people, pampering, or wellness. I have also started my own wellness and mental health projects, including a blog about healthy relationships, poetry about both our hopes and the unhealthy things that get in the way of our relationships, and a self-help book (or what I like to call a support book), called I Love You.

I also made a companion piece to the book that you can check out for free. The book is intended to be like a letter because it's written directly to the reader, but it also offers tips to cover many things someone might be dealing with. People don't always want tips or advice for their current situation. They just want to be comforted. So I wrote an I Love You "letter" and posted it to Medium so everyone can get support in the way they need it.

Here are two snippets I wrote for Twitter on the same theme as my book:

"You are a beautiful, unique person, right now, no matter what. No one needs to prove it to you. It just is. You don't need to do anything. Except be happy and spread it around. Whatever you're afraid of that makes you feel this is wrong, it is okay to love yourself, be, enjoy."

"Less fixing ourselves, more loving ourselves."

You can also visit my general portfolio to get a feel for my professional writing style.

As your mental health writer, I'll apply SEO techniques to the content and use copywriting techniques to make the content impactful and clickable. Which means people will buy, sign-up, or do whatever you want them to do on your site. Whether you're just introducing your services online or you think your existing content needs a redo, contact me to reach people.

As a self-help copywriter, I'll help you open the door to more impactful and successful content.
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