The new and exciting CBD oil industry has specific needs: advertising, accurate information sharing, and transparency, as well as branding for the deluge of companies springing up. Select a CBD writer to jump right in and provide content and creativity specific to your needs.

A CBD writer:

  • understands the unique challenges facing a new or existing CBD oil brand
  • already knows CBD oil, requiring little to no research time
  • can supply ideas for blog posts, website content, email marketing, and more
  • knows what CBD oil customers want

What I Offer as a CBD Writer

I have ghostwritten for three very different CBD companies, learning the unique thing each of them has to offer their customers and reflecting that in my writing. This branding is crucial for setting your business apart from so much competition. Tell people why they should buy from you.

I don't make medical claims. It's strictly, "CBD oil may", "CBD oil shows promise", "studies suggest", and the like.

I know and include in my writing what the user needs to be aware of, things such as to avoid additives like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and Vitamin E acetate, that they must check for third-party lab test results, and that manufacturers can be certified as cGMP and ISO.

Most of my prior CBD oil content was ghostwritten, but I have self-published a few posts you can use to determine if you like my style: Is CBD Oil Safe?, Find CBD Isolate Products, and Finding Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.  .

As your CBD writer, I can provide you with copywriting, web content, product descriptions, blog posts, social media, and e mail marketing, If you are just starting out and want to introduce your brand to the world, want to get more exposure with accurate and engaging blog posts or email marketing, or want to rebrand your existing business, contact me for transparency and engagement.

Portfolio of a CBD writer
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