You may not know how to or want to do your own blog and website management, but regular maintenance is needed on the website and blogs need to be updated regularly.

I have experience adding content, editing content, and fixing minor technical issues, as well as improving page speeds, bounce rates, search engine ranking, and other metrics that impact your site's conversion.

Some clients want me to plan all of their blog posts. I determine the schedule, topics, style, everything. I can even find the stock photos and manage the posts and comments. If you are interested in this service, I'll consider the content your competitors are offering as well as your brand to develop a distinct, useful, and competitive voice with your blog.

Website management is not my speciality, but it is a side project I have done successfully for two clients. It is convenient to some clients to have the writer manage things where possible. I will be as interested and creative with your website and blog as if it were mine, noticing problems, taking care of fixing bugs by myself or by engaging another professional for you, and being creative with solutions to non-technical issues and business ideas.

The functions of a website impact the success of its content greatly. I could write spectacular web content for your site, but technical factors could make people not want to or be able to hang around long enough to read it. I can also apply the technical aspects of SEO that help your page rank. Again, the content may be search engine optimized but suffer in rankings without the proper backing in the website.

Contact me if you want an invested party with a creative focus to take care of your blog and/or website management when you don't want to mess with it.

I handle blog and website management so you don't have to.
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